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Agape Theater Company Presents: JULIUS CAESAR

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Cowards die many times before their deaths, The valiant never taste of death but once.

About the Show
In one of Shakespeare's most action-packed plays, Julius Caesar returns victorious to Rome from foreign wars with a rowdy populous advocating he take the crown. However, a group of conspirators becomes disturbed by the power that Caesar has gained.  Filled with some of Shakespeare's most famous language, this fast-paced, carefully edited production will draw you into the clash between honor and ambition. Julius Caesar is an intimate psychological thriller that reminds you why Shakespeare is meant to be seen on stage.

This production contains depictions of physical violence and discussion of self-harm or suicide, it is recommended for audiences 12+ 

Director: Darby Kear; Artistic Director: Kathy Phipps; Show Coordinator: Christine Osburn;

Marcus Brutus – Christopher O’Hara
Mark Antony – Micah Thomas
Julius Caesar – Doug Rollison

Patricians Who, With Brutus, Conspire Against Caesar: Caius Cassius – Jake Hobbs
Casca/ Messala – Alec Cole
Cinna/ Pindarus – Olivia Schemmel
Decius Brutus/ Lucilius – Harmony Quinn
Trebonius/ Plebian #2/ Lepidus/ Soldier – Miles Furnee

 Octavius/ Cicero/ Plebian #1 – Matthias Neidenberger

 Portia / Soldier - Virginia Sever

 Calphurnia – Tricia Sickmeier

 Metellus Cimber/ Young Cato – Mckenna Putzek

 Soothsayer/ Servant to Mark Antony / Plebian #3/ Soldier – Andrew Lorenz

 Popilius Lena/ Servant to Octavius/ Titinius – Liberty Potter

Artemidorus/ Plebian/ Soldier – Laney Ballard

Cobbler/ Lucius – Maranatha Potter

About Agape Theater Company
Dr. Kathy Phipps, the Agape Theater Company Artistic Director, has been a theater educator for over 40 years. She studied Shakespeare in London and studied with a nationally acclaimed scholar whose focus was decoding Shakespeare's language. Agape's Shakespeare productions are known for their beauty and accessibility. The organization prides itself on being the place where patrons say, "That's the first time I ever really understood Shakespeare."